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We Got the Hookups

Just Pick the "Song"

Find Your Tambourine Man
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All Members , Moderated
Are you new in town? Do you live in bumfuck? Can't get the song type/quality/quantity you are looking for? This community is here to help you find your Tambourine Man

This community exists for the sole purpose of helping to make contact between dedicated listeners and reliable Tambourine men(/women) across the US, and the world. Members may post both requests and offers for songs, along with alternative contact information. Do NOT respond to songrequests in LJ comments on this community.

Post as much and as often as you have need to. The more people who watch this community, the more sucessful it will be.


Posts must contain only:

Song Request (Most songs should have names like "Glass," "X," "H," "Needles," etc.)

Alternative Contact Information:
This means some other way that someone who plays the song you are looking for. These include but are not limited to --
AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, e-mail, link to website/personal journal, cell/pager/fax #, IRC, etc. etc.)

**If You Respond to Song requests in the comments, LJ moderators will shut this community down**

so, dont be lame. this is not a drug community, remeber. This is about finding your Tambourine Man