Your Alter Ego? (snowquene) wrote in play_a_song,
Your Alter Ego?

The Aeroplane Flies High, Looks Left, Turns Right:

I lost my suitcase in transit to Montreal, Quebec a coupla days ago.. along with my "Glass And The Machine Of God" and New Order's "Crystal" singles. All my clothing item, toiletries and the whole nine yards went missing, too, and I'm just looking to find the best place to move into while I'm bunking over at a friend's for now..

Can anyone recommend the best place/area in Montreal to live [ 3 months] that's affordable with a spanking nightlife?

I am, of course, looking to re-collect a new set of my lost CDs - anyone willing to help can contact me at  with your mobile while I look into getting a handphone for now.


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